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Vanson Bourne Report: Lack of Visibility is a Leading Obstacle to Securing Enterprise and Cloud Networks

Visibility is Essential

Lack of visibility is leaving organizations struggling to identify network data and investigate suspicious network activity tied to malicious attacks. Sixty-seven percent of respondents cited network blind spots as a major obstacle to security:

  • Monitoring and security tools are stressed by the increasing speed and growth of network traffic.
  • High value information is being migrated to the cloud, where visibility is limited and application data is not easily accessible.
  • A large amount of network data remains hidden due to data and tools still being segmented.

Impact on GDPR Compliance

GDPR readiness is lagging for most organizations. The lack of visibility over data makes GDPR compliance difficult.

  • 59% of respondents believe their organizations have not started a GDPR program
  • 57% of respondents’ organizations do not have a GDPR strategy

Executive Summary

Discover the impact of lack of visibility on network security and GDPR

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