This is not a usb drive.

It is a delivery vehicle for uncontrolled data.

Manage, secure and understand what's happening
across your entire network with visibility solutions from Gigamon.


A new vision of network security

Gain visibility into every previously hidden corner of your network,
so you can simplify and automate.

Gain 20/20 Insight

Digital transformation is driving every workplace, creating advantages in collaboration, speed, and innovation. Along with that transformation, the enormous increase in the volume of data and devices attaching to corporate networks adds complexity and introduces new risks. Meanwhile, threats have become “democratized,” making it easier for bad actors to find ways to penetrate networks and cause disruptions that have both organizational and human costs. 

What’s the best strategy to protect your organization’s data, systems, and people? A visibility platform that allows you to manage all traffic flowing across your network, deliver the right information to the right tools at the right times, and gain insights that drive better decisions. You must have visibility across your extended network—including your own data centers, remote offices, private and public clouds—to manage complexity and control costs, secure your critical data and assets, and understand what’s going on across your organization. 


Clean Bill of Health

University of Kansas Health System immunizes network security. 

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Detect, block and mitigate malware and ransomware that hide within encrypted traffic.

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