Without deep observability, you could end up with your hair on fire.

Network-derived intelligence detects threats your existing security tools can’t see.

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Your security tools are doing a great job. As far as you know.

You’ve invested in all the latest security and observability tools to secure and manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure. You’re totally protected, right? The truth is that even the most advanced tools can leave you with blind spots that can expose your organization to malware, ransomware, insider threats, and data exfiltration. So, the question is, how exposed are you? And how can you get all your tools working together to detect previously unseen threats?

Your Network's Biggest Blind Spots:
Lateral and Encrypted Traffic


Your security tools are tough on some threats and surprisingly chill about others.

Most security tools inspect North-South traffic but often neglect lateral movement — which can lead to devastating consequences. If threat actors breach your network, they can move freely across your hybrid cloud infrastructure undetected in search of sensitive data. Gigamon provides the lateral East-West visibility you need to detect previously unseen threats, including the ones that may already be hiding inside your network.


Every network has something to hide. Until now.

Given that 95 percent of all web traffic is encrypted, organizations that lack visibility into encrypted traffic are exposed to hidden threats their existing security tools can’t see. But decrypting all traffic can be costly and complex. Gigamon offers a powerful combination of patented solutions that make gaining visibility into encrypted traffic affordable and scalable, including our award-winning PrecryptionTM technology and GigaSMART® TLS/SSL Decryption.

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Get Some Perfectly Legal Performance Enhancers for Your Existing Security Tools

Our deep observability pipeline supercharges your security and observability tools, doubling their effectiveness, helping you to eliminate blind spots and proactively mitigate risk. We also help optimize application performance so you can deliver a superior user experience — all while increasing tool efficiency and containing cloud management cost and complexity.

eliminate blind spots

Eliminate blind spots

Deep observability maximizes visibility into the far reaches of physical, virtual, and cloud networks to eliminate blind spots. It brings all relevant network traffic to security and observability tools, providing complete lateral traffic visibility, and exposing hidden threats in encrypted data.

see all

See the whole iceberg

We go beyond traditional observability approaches by extracting intelligence directly from network traffic — efficiently delivering it to your tools in real time. With this network-derived intelligence, your tools can detect previously hidden threats, helping you mitigate the cost and severity of an attack.

reduce cost

Reduce tool cost and complexity

Gigamon works between your network and existing tools to make them up to 90 percent more efficient. By optimizing performance, you can reduce your tools budget by up to 50 percent or more — enabling the typical mid-sized customer to achieve a 4-6 month ROI.

increased spending

Put out the fire before it even starts

Despite record spending on security, cyberattacks are at an all-time high. The repercussions go beyond immediate costs — they include disruption to business operations, lost revenue, damage to your reputation, increased costs of cyber insurance, and regulatory and compliance fines. With deep observability, you can put out the fire before you even smell smoke.

Take Your Security and Observability Tools to a Whole New Level with Deep Observability

Download our eBook to get an in-depth look into how network-derived intelligence can help you eliminate blind spots and reduce tool cost and complexity.

2024 Survey Report: CISO Insights on Closing the Cybersecurity Preparedness Gap

A global hybrid cloud security survey of over 230 CISOs reveals that while over half claim to be strongly prepared to detect cybersecurity threats, more than 1 in 3 organizations failed to detect a breach.

Gigamon Precryption Technology is the New Decryption

There's a simpler way to gain visibility into encrypted traffic. Our patented Precryption technology helps you eliminate today’s biggest blind spot by providing plaintext visibility into encrypted traffic. No decryption required.

Worried your organization may be exposed to hidden threats? Schedule a time to chat with one of our security experts today.


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