When unseen
threats lurk in
your infrastructure,
bad things happen.

Even the best security and observability tools have blind spots where undetected threats lurk.

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Unfortunately, your security tools can’t see everything.

Smart as they are, security and observability tools that aren’t fed network-derived intelligence and insights can’t see everything, which gives unseen threats plenty of time and space to cause trouble.

logs are no help

Logs are no help when you're hosting hackers.

Logs can give IT professionals a sense of security, a false one. Easily manipulated or disabled, logs can’t be counted on to protect your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

east-west traffic

East-West traffic is invisible to security tools.

If your security tools don’t have the ability to inspect East-West traffic within your organization, hackers may be free to move about undetected.

all-access pass

Once inside, hackers have an all-access pass.

Letting hackers in your network is what security experts call "really bad." But that’s what they can do, moving here, there, everywhere undetected.

Putting a big bright spotlight on unseen threats.

Gigamon sees all. It's deep observability with precise actionable network-level intelligence and insights enables you to detect threats and anomalies that would've flown under the radar before.

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Keep your security tools. Supercharge their intelligence.

Gigamon doesn’t replace anything. We fortify the security you have, so you can deliver the defense in depth you need. Gigamon supercharges, not substitutes.

Take your security and observability tools to a whole new level.

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