Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines

In using Gigamon trademarks, follow the guidelines below in all documents and communications referring to, relating to, or linking to Gigamon’s products and services.

  • Use of a Gigamon trademark or registered trademark must include a proper ™ or ® trademark symbol. To indicate a trademark symbol, use superscript.
  • If a trademark symbol is required, always use the appropriate symbol on the first mention of the product in the body copy, but not thereafter; do not use a trademark symbol in headlines (unless the headline is the most prominent use) or subheads.
  • Use the Gigamon trademark only as an adjective, and do not use the trademark as a noun or verb, or in the plural or possessive.
  • Use the trademark symbol in all tag lines that incorporate a trademark slogan.
  • Use of a Gigamon trademark must include an attribution statement that “[Trademark] is a trademark or registered trademark of Gigamon Inc.”
  • Do not use Gigamon trademarks in a manner likely to cause confusion as to the source or origin of any product, service, technology, solution, or other offering.
  • Do not incorporate into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, taglines, slogans, or company names any Gigamon trademark or logos, including trademarks or logos confusingly similar to Gigamon’s.
  • Do not use Gigamon logos, logotypes, icons, trade dress, or other elements of Gigamon packaging, website, or materials without license or written permission from Gigamon.
  • Do not use Gigamon trademarks in a way that explicitly states or suggests by implication affiliation with, or sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by Gigamon of your products or services.
  • Do not use Gigamon trademarks more prominently than your own.
  • Do not alter, animate, or distort Gigamon trademarks or combine them with any symbols, words (using a hyphen or otherwise), images, or designs.
  • Do not use Gigamon trademarks in a manner that in Gigamon’s sole opinion is misleading, unfair, defamatory, disparaging, obscene, or otherwise illegal or objectionable.
  • Do not use Gigamon trademarks in a manner that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic meaning.
  • If you have entered into a written agreement with Gigamon that includes specific usage guidelines or requirements different from those included here, then the written agreement governs.