Secure My Cloud and Network

How to improve security with growing cloud workloads and remote workers.

Combat New Cyber Threats in an Evolving Environment

Attackers are taking advantage of today’s fear and uncertainty. The attack surface and associated vulnerabilities have also expanded with the growth of encrypted traffic, remote working and the unprecedented surge in cloud apps.

InfoSec teams are facing multiple challenges at the same time, including:

  • Securing a broader attack surface with rising North-South, East-West, cloud/container and encrypted traffic
  • Detecting and remediating threats across multiple, distributed locations before they cause damage
  • Helping inline security tools keep pace with surging North-South traffic — 90 percent of which is encrypted
  • Implementing Zero Trust practices to better secure the network as the traditional workplace shifts

Gigamon delivers the pervasive visibility, cyber threat detection and fast threat response needed for you to stay secure, even as the threat landscape shifts.


How Gigamon Can Help

Gain Visibility into All Network and App Traffic

Cloud and encrypted traffic have become fertile grounds for attack vectors. Eliminate these blind spots to detect hidden anomalies, rogue apps and malware that can put your organization at risk. Gigamon provides you with complete visibility to your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

  • Efficiently decrypt the growing volume of encrypted traffic — even TLS 1.3 — with Gigamon TLS/SSL Decryption. Offload decryption from security tools so they continue to perform optimally.
  • Monitor your cloud and container traffic for threats with Gigamon Cloud Suite and your cloud or on-prem threat response solutions.
  • Track shadow IT initiatives as well as precisely identify apps in your network with Gigamon Application Intelligence.

Discover and Mitigate Faster

Empower your security team with the tools and rich contextual data needed for fast response.

  • Get advanced cyber threat management and analytics with Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT™ and Application Metadata Intelligence. With Gigamon threat response solutions, you can detect, mitigate and hunt down new threats faster than ever before.
  • Automate investigations and prioritize incidents so your people can focus on the riskiest incidents and assets.
  • Go from reactive to proactive tracking and mitigation, tracking threats even during change.
  • Arm your SIEM and other security tools with thousands of application metadata attributes to inform better decisions.

Supporting Your Zero Trust Journey at Every Step

Many organizations are adopting a Zero Trust framework as a result of today’s distributed workforce. Gigamon solutions provide the network and application visibility that is foundational to any successful Zero Trust strategy.

  • Application Intelligence identifies applications and maps access patterns from users and devices over time
  • TLS/SSL Decryption enables analysis of encrypted data flows, which is required for Zero Trust
  • ThreatINSIGHT continuously monitors your network for anomalies so you can detect and respond to cyber threats in real time


TLS Versions NS and EW Web Traffic Analysis

We studied 275 billion network flows to bring you real-world SSL/TLS data and recommendations that can’t be ignored.


Faster, More Efficient Threat Triage

Categorize threats according to risk to your environment and use risk scoring to prioritize response. 


Defending the Digital Enterprise

Seven things you need to improve security in a world dominated by encryption.

See What Your Peers Are Talking About in the Gigamon Community

Learn more about how users are protecting their organizations from threats and enabling faster detection and response through through complete hybrid network visibility. Visit our technical community to connect with other Gigamon users to ask questions and share use cases and deployment examples.

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