Strengthen Your Security with GigaSECURE

A next-generation network packet broker purpose-built for security and network monitoring

Increase the Efficiency of Your Security Tools

The GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform is a next-generation network packet broker focused on threat prevention, detection, prediction and containment. The right tools get the right traffic at the right time, every time.

GigaSECURE is designed from the ground up to:

  • Enable network security tools to keep up with increasing network speed
  • Gain insight into network traffic
  • Optimize and deliver relevant data for tool consumption
  • Reduce tool sprawl and lower costs

Efficient prevention coupled with rapid detection and containment improves your overall security posture. Threats don't stand a chance.


The essential element of your security is GigaSECURE.

GigaSECURE enables security teams to obtain broad access to and control of network data, no matter where it resides. It can be customized to extract specific application sessions, metadata and decrypted traffic. In this architecture, security tools can operate inline or out-of-band at peak performance without compromising network resiliency or speed. Implementing GigaSECURE delivers a more effective network security architecture across on-premises, virtual and public cloud environments with a vastly improved ROI.

increase security ROI

Increase Your Security ROI

Filter and deliver just the right data to the right tools from network traffic anywhere in the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Improve the overall effectiveness of both active and passive network security tools.

reduce security risk

Reduce Your Security Risk

Gain visibility into encrypted traffic to expose hidden threats and eliminate network blind spots. Rethink your network security architecture by decrypting once and enabling inspection by multiple security tools.

improve threat response

Improve Threat Response

Separate signal from noise to identify patterns and threat vectors more quickly across heterogeneous networks. Eliminate security silos and leverage automation to integrate across different stages of security operations.


Bridge the NetOps and SecOps Divide

Synergize budgets and efforts by sharing tools and data through our platform.


Reaching Across the Physical, Virtual and Cloud

Access network data across the physical, virtual and cloud to make sure your tools are seeing the right data.


Control the Costs of Cybersecurity Tools

Rising network traffic forces you to add to and upgrade your security tools. Here's how to keep expenses down.

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