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The Pragmatic Approach to Zero Trust and Why You Can’t Do Zero Trust without Deep Observability

Zero Trust not going as planned? Hear our CTOs explain why deep observability is foundational for a robust ZTA model.

The science fiction writer, William Gibson, is well-known for saying, “The future is here. It is just not evenly distributed yet.” The future is already here with Zero Trust, yet many organizations still can’t see how they can implement it in practical terms. Gigamon is here to help you successfully adopt Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles. Join our CTOs as they discuss Zero Trust Architecture and how you can turn the tables on threats by:

  • Gaining deep observability into the entire network
  • Implementing network segmentation without disruption
  • Getting powerful capabilities to observe adversarial actions in your networks

SPEAKERS: Ian Farquhar, Matthew Plummer, Gigamon