How Malware Traverses Your Network Without You Even Knowing About It

Gigamon ATR 2018 Crimeware Report

Revealed behavior of the most prolific malware

Understand how malware infiltrates your organization with Gigamon Applied Threat Research (ATR) team’s most recent report “How the Most Prolific Malware Traversed Your Network Without Your Knowledge" as a follow up to the 2018 Crimeware Report, A Sampling of Malicious E-Mail Attachments. This report reveals the behaviors of the top crimeware families and shows how a successful methodology can combat cyber security threats. Download the report now to learn:

  • How malware and other threats traverse networks through lateral movements
  • How you to rapidly discover threats by observing network traffic
  • Why network visibility is critical to detecting risks in your enviroment
  • Why you need to understand the methods threat actors utilize to protect your network

Knowing how threats communicate can lead you to faster detection, better response and ultimately, a more mature security organization.

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