How Does Your Cloud IR Stack Up?

SANS survey gives you the numbers to assess your own cloud incident response

Top Cloud Incident Response Concerns, Processes and Tools

Here’s a way to benchmark and hone your own cloud incident response (IR) effectiveness and maturity: Read the new SANS survey. You’ll hear what other SecOps and cloud teams are most concerned about, which tools they use and why they see automation as a top solution for cloud incident response.

And the survey results may surprise you. Find out:

  • Why more than 50 percent of respondents cite lack of skilled staff as a top concern
  • Key indicators that the cloud hasn’t fully integrated into businesses and why
  • Integration rates of threat intelligence tools
  • Trends in budget allocation for cloud incident response
  • Types of cloud platforms and the challenges they address

While the cloud offers limitless potential, it’s vulnerable to theft and targeted attacks. Understanding the cloud inside and out and how other organizations prepare to ensure effective incident response can help with your success.

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