Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric

A unified visibility architecture across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

You Need Visibility. Period.

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric goes beyond any network packet broker to deliver a smarter, more proactive approach to network management, monitoring and security. It delivers optimized, full-fidelity data to security and performance monitoring tools, dramatically improving tool effectiveness and efficiency. High-velocity threat detection and response provides peace of mind, while advanced orchestration and automation enables your NetOps and InfoSec teams to do more, faster.

That’s why Global 1000 companies have turned to Gigamon for a more resilient and secure network. Built for today’s hybrid infrastructures, the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric provides a unified visibility architecture across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

  • Scalable: Visibility into all data-in-transit, from raw packets to applications, at any network speed
  • Smart: Automated, end-to-end capabilities from access, aggregation and transformation to threat detection and response
  • Pervasive: One common architecture spans physical, virtual and cloud networks to eliminate blind spots and simplify management

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric collects data-in-transit across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures and transforms it – optimizing, decrypting, securing – before distributing to your tools. The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric collects data-in-transit across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures and transforms it – optimizing, decrypting, securing – before distributing to your tools.

Elements of the Visibility and Analytics Fabric

Goodbye Network Blind Spots. Hello Full-Fidelity Data.

The first step to network visibility is collecting full-fidelity data. Whether it’s in the cloud, containers or on-premises. Acquiring reliable data can be tricky because SPAN port configurations often get overloaded, leading to dropped packets. Furthermore, NetFlow is often sampled, to avoid excessive burdens on routers and switches. Simplify and unburden your network with Gigamon TAPs and aggregation nodes.

Gigamon Network TAPs and Aggregation Nodes

Higher Resiliency and Efficiency. Application Awareness.

Yes, we can do the work of network packet brokers—and so much more. We also:

  • Transform and streamline network data to maximize performance and security
  • Reduce costs and extend the life of your tools by extracting extraneous packets and applications and load balancing
  • Eliminating single points of failure for maximum uptime
  • And helping you combat shadow IT and minimize non-compliant activities

The GigaSMART® suite offers:

  • Traffic Intelligence: NetFlow Generation, De-duplication, Advance Flow Slicing, Masking, TLS/SSL Decryption, Inline Bypass
  • Application Intelligence: Application Visualization, Application Filtering Intelligence, Application Metadata Intelligence
  • Subscriber Intelligence: 5G and CUPS Correlation, GTP Correlation, FlowVUE® Flow Sampling, SIP/RTP Correlation

Cloud-Native, High-Velocity Network Detection and Response

Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT accelerates network detection and response (NDR) through an intelligent cloud-native platform, combining machine learning and Gigamon Applied Threat Research (ATR) to provide you with high-fidelity threat detection and actionable next steps. What you get: full visibility and deeper context for smarter investigation and faster response.

Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT provides:

  • Fast search capabilities with rich, contextual data for investigations
  • Intelligent, high-fidelity detections with fewer false positives
  • Complete access to current and historical network activity for insight into threats across hybrid networks

One Dashboard. Unified Management. Total Control.

Empower your NetOps and InfoSec teams with the tools they need to work faster and more effectively. GigaVUE Fabric Manager (FM) provides single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring of your Gigamon deployment. With FM, you can:

  • Easily define traffic policies to send traffic flows to the right tools
  • View all applications running on your network and export application metadata
  • Take advantage of Ansible-based automation for streamlining entire network operations flow


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Visibility for Multi-Tiered Security

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“Our Gigamon GigaVUE appliances afford us a level of visibility into our network that is critical to securing our enterprise.”

Anthony H. Chogyoji • Chief Information Security Officer • County of Riverside, California

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