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The Data-in-Motion Dilemma

Your network is a rich source of data in motion–the data that runs your entire business.  It's also an ever-expanding source of complexity, risk and cost that can easily overwhelm your current security and monitoring tools... and your team.

Warning: Low Visibility

75 percent of organizations need better network visibility.

Close the Gap

Infographic: Close the visibility gap    

Accelerate Threat Mitigation

Prevent, detect, predict and contain network threats quickly and effectively.

Rethink Security

See more. Secure more. Build an effective Security Delivery Platform.    

Pervasive visibility - a new approach

Integrated with your network, your tools and your applications, the Gigamon Visibility Platform provides pervasive and consistent network visibility into the data in motion across your entire network—whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. This extensive platform allows you to effectively manage, secure and understand all the traffic traversing your network.

Network visibility is essential to ensuring that all of your traffic is authorized. Better network visibility means being able to improve decision making over network and security operations, leading to less stress on your infrastructure.

Networks have become far more complex in recent years, as the volume and variety of data traversing them grows. Many IT teams have struggled to adapt to the new workload, while also ensuring network speeds remain high. Avoid the blind spots created from increased data traffic by deploying visibility solutions designed to tackle the problem and create a more secure and efficient environment.

Pervasive visibility - a new approach

Endorsed by technology leaders

Gigamon offers a complete visibility solution that is agnostic to the network monitoring and security tools you’ve deployed. Use your existing firewalls, IPS, DLP and anti-malware solutions; Gigamon will make them more effective. Complemented by an open, extensive and growing ecosystem of technology partners, only Gigamon offers the simplicity, breadth and depth needed to support the network optimization and security needs of organizations of all types and sizes. Gigamon provides visibility products that optimize performance and effectiveness. As the number of security threats continues to grow, improved visibility is vital to the continued successful function of digital operations.

Gigamon: Endorsed by technology leaders

The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Automate and accelerate threat identification and mitigation
using the Defender Lifecycle Model.


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First step to visibility: network TAPs

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Industry solutions

Financial Services

Get comprehensive network visibility for your vital banking and financial operations.    


Get secure, real-time data: Ensure productivity and deliver patient care without delay.    

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SaaS Providers:  Your network is your business. Make it safe, reliable and more effective.    

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Government Agencies: See what matters and quickly spot and stop threats in your networks.