Take Gigamon Hawk for AWS for a Spin

Try out the Gigamon Cloud Solution for AWS in a hands-on, virtual-cloud environment.

Gigamon Puts You in the Driver's Seat

Get ready to experience a new level of cloud visibility and control.

  • Get visibility into all traffic, both North-South and East-West, between VMs
  • Control and optimize packet flows to put the brakes on excessive processing by your security and monitoring tools
  • Spot potential threats by sending the traffic you choose to a security tool and analyzing for suspicious activity

How it Works:

  • Provision and configure the test platform to get visibility into your cloud workloads
  • Create traffic and application flow maps to steer the traffic types you select to monitoring tools
  • Utilize GigaSMART® applications to optimize your AWS traffic, including traffic filtering, tunneling and NetFlow generation

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