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See What We Mean by Network Visibility

The time for talk is over — now it’s time for you get in the driver’s seat. The GigaVUE-FM fabric manager provides single-pane-of-glass visibility and control across your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Access our online demo to see just how easy it is to visualize the applications running on your network, implement decryption and send specific traffic flows to both inline and out-of-band monitoring tools.

There’s no obligation — simply fill out the form, and we’ll email you login credentials to try out GigaVUE-FM plus three of our most popular GigaSMART® applications:

  • Flow Mapping®: Speed up network tool deployment by mapping traffic flows using a simple guided process 
  • SSL/TLS Decryption: Save inline tool capacity by centrally decrypting SSL or TLS-encrypted traffic once and sharing with multiple security tools
  • Application Intelligence: Improve tool efficiency and effectiveness by identifying which applications are on the network and sending only relevant application flows and application metadata to tools

Learn why the majority of Fortune 100 companies use Gigamon to get a nimbler network and save substantially on network monitoring and security tools.

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GigaVUE-FM Test Drive Demo Video

Watch a short video on how you can send specific traffic and application flows to both inline and out-of-band tools using GigaVUE-FM fabric manager.

Test Drive Demo Guide

Download this step-by-step guide and try out GigaVUE-FM fabric manager, Application Intelligence, and SSL/TLS Decryption.