Align NetOps and SecOps

Mutual needs are bringing NetOps and SecOps together, finally. Read the Gartner report and learn how to drive business value.

Hello, Shared Resources. Goodbye, Duplicate Work.

Drive high network performance and threat prevention, economically. Protect the end-user experience, consistently.

Two formerly disparate forces —NetOps and SecOps — are now aligning to share instrumentation points and consolidate tool efforts. Plus, cross-functional communication can naturally save duplication of effort. Who knew, you two?

Gartner Report

See how Gartner aligns SecOps and NetOps. It starts with tool consolidation and sharing of data.

Inline Bypass

Tune SecOps inline tools for threat prevention without impacting NetOps network performance.

Threat Prevention

NetOps, SecOps: Route the right traffic to shared threat prevention tools. At the speed of the network.