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There’s an easy way to stretch your IT budget and get much more from your tool investments: Optimize and eliminate unnecessary network traffic so your tools get only what they need and can handle.

Higher tool efficiency means existing tools not only perform better, but also let you reduce costs and hold off on new tool purchases longer.

How much can you save with higher tool efficiency? And how fast is the payback on your Gigamon investment? Find out now using our Value Calculator.

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Step 1

Answer a few questions and instantly see your estimated cost savings and an ROI timeframe.

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Step 2

Fine-tune assumptions based on your specific environment.

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Step 3

Receive a detailed customized report with five-year analysis of your cost and traffic savings.

“ESG has validated the methodology, calculations, and assumptions in the Gigamon value calculators and found them to be reliable for calculation of cost savings from the solutions. We believe these tools can prove to be valuable for organizations looking to determine the potential benefits and savings Gigamon can bring to your organization.”

Jack Poller, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Economic Validation

Learn how to create an agile and cost-efficient infrastructure.

Application Filtering

Layer 7 visibility and application traffic extraction for optimal tool efficiency.

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