See and Understand Your Network

Learn how to get visibility and control to optimize the security and performance of your network.

A Tool to Empower Tools

If you need to simplify network management and security, next-generation network packet brokers can optimize existing practices and enable powerful new capabilities.

The Definitive Guide™ to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers (NGNPBs) reveals how to boost efficiency and effectiveness while reducing risk, complexity and costs.

Learn about:

  • Key benefits, including pervasive network visibility and insight into threats
  • The four core capabilities to have in an NGNPB solution
  • Important capabilities, such as inline bypass, which create more resilient networks
  • How to find the right NGNPB for your organization

Read how next-generation network packet brokers give you visibility into your network traffic, even across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Inline Bypass

See how inline bypass maximizes threat prevention and network resilience.

inline bypass

White Paper

Learn how inline tools are powerful weapons for securing and monitoring the network.

EMA report

EMA Report

Get EMA’s best practices for network visibility fabrics and network packet brokers.


White Paper

Discover how an NGNPB provides visibility into physical, virtual and cloud environments.