GTP Correlation

Subscriber-aware forwarding

The GTP Correlation feature is a licensable, robust and intelligent addition to the GigaSMART® engine that enables mobile service providers to monitor subscriber data in GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) tunnels. Because it understands the stateful nature of this protocol, the GTP Correlation feature can match and pass all of an identified subscriber’s control and data sessions to the appropriate analytics, performance and billing subsystems to help ensure an accurate view of the session performance and the subscriber’s quality of experience.

With GTP Correlation, mobile operators can now intelligently forward subscriber sessions to specific tools by filtering on subscriber IDs or tunnel IDs -- from ranges of subscribers down to a specific, high-value subscriber.

Benefits of the GTP Correlation feature:

  • More efficient, effective tool processing throughput.
  • Improved analytics accuracy from reliable correlation of subscriber sessions.
  • Helps maximize quality of experience and monetizing services with more accurate end-user quality of experience metrics.
  • More reliable accounting, billing, and subscription management.
  • Fewer errors through accurate correlation of subscriber data fragmented in transit.

GTP Correlation: one of many GigaSMART features

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