Physical GigaVUE Visibility Appliances

High-performance next generation network packet brokers — GigaVUE network visibility nodes

See the Data Traversing Your Network

GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances deliver consistent insight into data that travels through network nodes and across your network, including data centers and remote sites. With the Gigamon solution, you will have the coverage and control you need to safeguard critical network infrastructure and business assets.

GigaVUE HC Series and GigaVUE® TA Series of visibility appliances enable you to:

  • Aggregate traffic collected via TAPs (and SPAN ports) across your network
  • Use core intelligence Flow Mapping®, GigaStream traffic distribution and base stripping and tunneling
  • Optimize and transform traffic with GigaSMART® intelligence applications for increased monitoring and security visibility, efficiency and effectiveness, and regulatory compliance (only HC Series)
  • Use Inline Bypass  and physical bypass for failsafe traffic access, traffic forwarding and inline security tool operation (only HC Series)
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Deploy an Intelligent Network

Achieve real-time visibility into your network, with intelligent appliances.

Gain control, coverage and performance — transparently and seamlessly by consolidating all network traffic. Automatically filter and remove duplicate data — before it reaches security tools.

The result? Tools receive the most relevant data streams to work efficiently and effectively.

GigaVUE HC Series Visibility Appliances enable enterprises to:

  • Eliminate data contention
  • Accommodate Layer 2 to Layer 7 and session-aware filtering
  • Power decryption of SSL/TLS traffic out-of-band
  • Facilitate packet de-duplication
  • Enable bypass protection for inline security tools
  • Generate metadata for security and behavioral analytics
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The GigaVUE HC Series of intelligent appliances scales to fit any capacity and need, from remote office to end-of-row data center deployments. Customize each with modular chassis options, depending upon the capabilities required by your specific use case.

Traffic aggregators bring together traffic from TAPs (and SPAN ports) across the network, giving a pervasive view into information-in-motion.

The GigaVUE TA Series combines low-utilized links, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

The power of Flow Mapping is brought to the edge by clustering the GigaVUE TA Series with GigaVUE HC Series visibility nodes, giving network, application and security managers pervasive visibility. Fabric Maps enable Flow Mapping across clusters to scale network visibility across hundreds of nodes.


Simplify, Secure, and Scale Your Hybrid Infrastructure

Three critical benefits from closing your cloud visibility gap.


Detailed GigaVUE Comparison

Including technical specifications, throughput and port density. 


Optimize and Secure your Hybrid Network

Turn disruption into advantage and reimagine what’s possible.

See What Your Peers Are Talking About in the Gigamon Community

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GigaVUE HC Series


GigaVUE HC Series Overview

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Great product and great services

“Most reliable products in our network the product provides stability and strong customer support. Gigamon provides support at many stages of our network the edge as well as security of our network infrastructure”

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