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The Best Networks Rely on Deep Observability

Whether you operate a network that provides 5G mobile, TV, video-on-demand (VoD), or enterprise network services, the growth, modernization, and evolution of your networks place more demands on your operations teams to manage and secure the network and its services. Getting visibility into your network traffic is key to assuring network performance, availability and security — major factors in customer satisfaction and retention.

During deployment and operation, networks need ongoing monitoring for troubleshooting, security, and performance. With the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, you can obtain complete visibility into physical, virtualized, and containerized networks while improving ROI of your tools.

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Deep Observability for 5G

Provide complete, packet-level visibility into physical, virtualized, and containerized networks – even if encrypted.


Zero Trust for Securing the Network

Telecom networks are hot targets for fraud, theft, spying, and disruption. Apply a security stack to every network interaction, across on-prem, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

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Grow the Network, Not the Tool Cost

Network visibility should not cost more than the network. Gigamon Traffic Intelligence tech is a must to achieve new insights into quality, reliability, and security – without breaking the bank.


5G Solutions

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline is the industry’s first for hybrid cloud networks, offering access to high-fidelity, packet-level network data to help teams monitor, manage, and troubleshoot all aspects of application, service and workload performance and security.

Fixed Networks

Gigamon also offers numerous capabilities to meet the deep observability needs of fixed network or wireline providers, including VoIP subscriber intelligence.

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