GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Nutanix

Network and application visibility for hyperconverged private clouds.

Secure and Optimize Your Nutanix Environment

GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for Nutanix provides in-depth visibility to boost tool effectiveness, optimize performance and accelerate troubleshooting of Nutanix environments. Gigamon aggregates and optimizes traffic from your Nutanix deployments, with automated visibility fabric installation and centralized control. It then forwards the right traffic to the right monitoring and security tools. 

With Gigamon you can:

  • Gain network and application visibility for virtual workloads in Nutanix AHV-powered clouds
  •    Take advantage of Nutanix Prism and Flow integration to automate provisioning and configuration of Gigamon components
  •    Support granular traffic selection within micro-segmented security groups using Nutanix Prism and GigaVUE Fabric Manager

Cloud Gigamon Nutanix Certified integration of GigaVUE Cloud Suite and Nutanix AHV with Prism

Eliminate Traffic Blind Spots

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Nutanix, a core component of the Gigamon Hawk architecture, works hand-in-hand with your Nutanix environment to provide new levels of insight and control over your private cloud environment. It includes:

  • G-vTAP VMs that provide traffic mapping, VM/port filtering and more
  • Distributed GigaVUE HC Series visibility nodes for traffic aggregation and processing
  • Application Intelligence to identify apps and generate metadata
  • GigaVUE-FM for centralized management

GigaVUE-FM uses Flow Mapping® technology to direct incoming traffic to user-selected tools. With GigaVUE-FM you can also:

  • Instruct Nutanix Prism to instantiate G-vTAP VMs and monitor and control operations
  • Direct compute VMs to copy their micro-segments’ traffic and send it to visibility nodes
  • Configure and monitor GigaVUE HC series appliances and forward traffic to tools

With GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Nutanix, you gain the deep visibility you need to achieve better performance, while empowering your management team with integrated, certified tool suites. The solution lets you:

  • Optimize traffic processing and distribution with 100 percent visibility into apps while reducing compute and tool load
  • Identify over 3,000 apps and send the right traffic to the right tool with contextual insights
  • Simplify network management with full automation


GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Private Cloud

Learn how our scalable solution delivers comprehensive workload visibility.


GigaVUE Cloud Suite For Nutanix

Certified integration with Nutanix’s Prism and Flow management automation suite for insight and control.



A Centralized Platform with GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Nutanix

An overview of what you can expect with the Gigamon solution ecosystem.

Our Partnership

Gigamon is a certified partner that provides network traffic visibility for virtual workloads in Nutanix powered private clouds with AHV and Prism.

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