Gain Cloud Security and Visibility

GigaVUE Cloud Suite unifies packet-level insights and cloud-native security to support your zero trust security architecture.



Assure Cloud Security and Compliance

GigaVUE Cloud Suite enables you to migrate your existing security and compliance best-practices, controls and tooling to hybrid and multi-cloud environments and be confident in your cloud security posture. It provides complete visibility into all North-South and East-West traffic and masks confidential data while in motion across the cloud to maintain compliance with audit and regulatory mandates.

When combined with cloud-native security capabilities, the packet-level visibility delivered by GigaVUE Cloud Suite provides a solid foundation on which to build a zero trust security architecture.

  • Enhance cloud-native security capabilities with packet-level views, providing granular data to power more precise threat detection
  • Leverage application metadata to gain context and insights to detect and rapidly respond to application-level threats
  • Filter and route cloud traffic to existing security tools, extending your security posture to the cloud and maximizing the return on investment of these tools


2023 Hybrid Cloud Security Survey reveals global misconceptions around the extent of hybrid cloud blind spots.

How Gigamon Can Help

GigaVUE Cloud Suite ensures your security and compliance posture can scale to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures and provides the visibility necessary to build a zero trust security architecture.

Secure container traffic

Containers are a critical cloud technology, but they pose new challenges; maintain in-depth visibility into your containerized traffic with GigaVUE Cloud Suite.

Scalable elastic visibility

Visibility must increase as your workloads scale up and scale out; GigaVUE Cloud Suite provides complete visibility into both North-South and East-West traffic.

Get to Zero Trust faster

GigaVUE Cloud Suite aligns to NIST and SANS guidelines to provide the visibility you need to make zero trust a reality, today.


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