Network Taps

Physical and virtual taps efficiently and reliably deliver 100 percent of on-prem and cloud traffic to your tools.

Network Taps: The Only Way to Reliably Access Traffic

Taps are the first step in the process of gaining consistent deep observability across your hybrid cloud environment. Gigamon network taps, integral to the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, provide access to 100 percent of network traffic required to secure, monitor, and manage cloud and data center infrastructure.

Gigamon taps deliver compelling advantages: 

  • More reliable than SPAN, with complete fidelity of network packets, NetFlow, and metadata
  • Easy and efficient acquisition of traffic from container and multi-cloud environments
  • Eliminate costly gateway load balancers and installation of multiple tool agents


G-TAP Visio Stencils

Virtual Taps

GigaVUE® Universal Cloud Tap (UCT), part of GigaVUE Cloud Suite™, is a lightweight virtual tap used to acquire North-South and East-West lateral traffic within and across cloud and container environments.

virtual networks

Supports Kubernetes container environments, including AWS EKS, Azure AKS, GCP GKE, Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware Tanzu

Supports VM environments, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, Red Hat OpenStack, and VMware ESXi/NSX-T

Enables Gigamon PrecryptionTM technology, which provides tools with plaintext visibility into encrypted cloud, VM, and container traffic

Automatically discovers new workloads for automation-based scaling up or down

Physical Taps

Gigamon offers a range of passive, active, and bypass taps, including economical, high-density network taps. To assure security, Gigamon active and passive taps are unidirectional, with data flowing strictly from the network to your tools.

Copies 100 percent of traffic at full bandwidth

Does not impact other network components, ensuring high network availability

Prevents data insertion with a “fail secure” design or signal blockage

Choose from high density, lower density, and unidirectional tap solutions

network taps

Passive Taps
Gigamon passive optical network taps include economical, high-density network taps: G-TAP® M Series.

For highly sensitive and mission-critical applications: G-TAP M Series Unidirectional Taps.

Active Taps
Gigamon active taps offer high resiliency and manageability for networks that cannot be tapped passively. Battery backup along with fail-to-wire capability mitigate the risk of network impact in the event of a power failure. G-TAP A Series 2 can be managed through CLI or GigaVUE-FM fabric manager.

Bypass Taps
Used in conjunction with GigaVUE-OS inline bypass functionality for deploying inline security tools such as IPS, WAF, and ATP devices, bypass taps provide embedded fail-to-wire capability on the GigaVUE HC Series node.


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