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If you want to secure the high-speed networks needed to keep pace with today's fast-paced market, you need to ensure your best-of-breed inline threat prevention tools are working optimally and you can do that with the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform. To get the most from the GigaSECURE platform, moreover, you need the formal training provided by Gigamon Education Services.

These training programs will boost your Gigamon product expertise, helping you more effectively design, deploy and troubleshoot the Gigamon security solutions for your organization. That means faster deployment of Gigamon solutions, and better ROI.

Gigamon Training Offerings

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Gigamon Foundation: Learn the Essentials to Start on the Road to Success

You'll learn how to initially deploy Gigamon products on to your network, and how to create and work with flow maps which will ensure your tools get just the data they need to run optimally.

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Designing and Implementing the Gigamon Inline Bypass Threat Prevention Solution: Take Your Skills to the Next Level

You'll learn how to design and implement security solutions using classic inline bypass, flexible inline arrangements and inline SSL.

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Gigamon Certified Professional Boot Camp: Advanced Skills for True Professionals

Upon completion, you'll be ready to design and implement the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform pervasively across your physical and virtual data centers.

Demonstrate Your Expertise by Becoming a Gigamon Certified Professional

When you become a Gigamon Certified Professional (GCP), you'll be letting organizations know that you have a significant level of expertise in using visibility to help secure an enterprise’s data and network. A GCP is an expert at implementing Gigamon solutions to enable an enterprise to better protect its data.

Gigamon Authorized Training Partners: Our Partners and Yours in Advanced IT Training

The training programs that Gigamon has developed are delivered by a set of Authorized Training Partners ("ATPs") who conduct intense, hands-on training that develops performable skills. This training is offered in a variety of formats to suit your specific delivery needs.

To find out more details, including schedules and availability, follow the links below to learn about each of our authorized training partners.

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If you are a Gigamon customer and have purchased Training Vouchers, visit My Gigamon on the Gigamon Community to redeem your self-paced eLearning vouchers. To redeem Instructor Led and Certification Training Vouchers, contact . If you are looking to purchase Training offerings, please contact your Gigamon account manager or complete this form and our sales team will contact you.