Close the Cloud Visibility Gap

Gain control and visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Migrate Workloads While Ensuring Security and Agility

Traditional on-prem monitoring and security tools lack visibility into cloud and virtual environments, making it extremely challenging to deliver high-quality customer experiences and meet security and compliance requirements.

As a part of Gigamon Hawk, GigaVUE® Cloud Suite is a cloud visibility solution that eliminates those challenges by providing a clear, complete and consistent view across any private cloud or hybrid public cloud infrastructure — including AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Nutanix, OpenStack, Red Hat and VMware — which lets you:

  • Obtain a unified view of all data in motion anywhere on your hybrid, single or multi-cloud network
  • Easily acquire data from any source, automatically optimize it and send to any destination
  • Send rich, contextual network data for analysis — beyond limited logs, events and traces that don’t tell the whole story

Gigamon closes the cloud visibility gap, giving your security and monitoring tools visibility across cloud environments, from raw packets up to the application layer and with the added context of network data.

public cloud

Public Cloud Visibility

Extend your network performance, security and compliance to hosted workloads on AWS, Azure or any public cloud — including Kubernetes.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Visibility

See into East-West flows to manage and secure virtualized applications running on Kubernetes, Nutanix, OpenStack, Red Hat and VMware.

NFV visibility

NFV Visibility

Acquire and deliver relevant traffic to your tools from your virtualized network functions and services running on Kubernetes, OpenStack and VMware.

Secure, Manage and Optimize Your Cloud and Virtualization Deployments

  • Deliver exceptional customer experience by providing cloud tools with network insights that accelerate troubleshooting and help ensure app performance with better visibility into cloud environments.
  • Ensure a consistent security and compliance posture by eliminating blind spots and obtaining visibility into any data in motion, including containers and unmanaged devices.
  • Accelerate successful and cost-effective private or multi-cloud migrations with full cloud visibility throughout every step of the process and tight integration into orchestration and management suites.
  • Acquire traffic with ease, scalability and flexibility — using a choice of agent-like or agentless traffic-mirroring methods.
  • Reduce cloud provider and tool costs by eliminating duplicate packets, filtering out irrelevant application traffic and generating flow/application contextual data.

See Into Containerized Apps

Today’s digital applications are increasingly complex, multi-tier and containerized. Eliminate a growing network blind spot with visibility into containerized network traffic. Explore our container visibility solutions for Docker and Kubernetes.

See what Gigamon Hawk can deliver for your hybrid landscape.

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