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Operationalizing Zero Trust, Streamlining IT Infrastructure

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline provides mission-critical capabilities for operationalizing Zero Trust in accordance with NIST, DoD, and DHS CISA's Zero Trust architecture initiatives. These same capabilities have been utilized by top U.S. federal agencies to drive the streamlining, modernization, and cost-efficiency of their on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure by: 

  • Providing complete visibility into network traffic across physical, virtual, hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Acquiring network traffic from all on-premises, private, and public cloud infrastructure and workloads including encrypted traffic using Gigamon Precryption technology
  • Applying network-derived intelligence to continuously verify all network logs and activity, thereby enabling the “never trust, always verify” Zero Trust philosophy 


Learn how to operationalize Zero Trust with deep observability.

How Gigamon Can Help

The GigaVUE HC Series includes mobile, edge, and tactically deployable units to accelerate the operationalization of Zero Trust, while delivering significant IT streamlining and modernization benefits to on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructures. It lets public sector organizations simplify complex network architectures; consolidate and rationalize tools; and automate routine tasks to focus on mission-critical, high-priority objectives. 



Operationalize Zero Trust
Network-level visibility is foundational to designing and implementing a Zero Trust strategy and architecture. This deep observability must be designed into the network from the outset.

Eliminate Blind Spots
On-premises and hybrid cloud networks include many unmanaged hosts as well as encrypted and container traffic that create visibility challenges. Gigamon deep observability helps to eliminate blind spots and detect previously unseen threats.

Tools Consolidation
Many agencies have dozens of security and network tools in production, Gigamon applies advanced techniques to reduce traffic to tools by over 50 percent, extending the life of existing tools and deferring future purchases.



Small Footprint.
Enterprise-grade Capabilities.

The GigaVUE-HCT provides comprehensive traffic and security intelligence delivered in a compact mobile, edge, and tactical deployable unit.


Gigamon Certifications and Authority to Operate (ATO)

Gigamon is authorized to operate in numerous US Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence, and Federal Civilian agency networks.

  • IPv6 compliant
  • Meets M-22-18 mandates for Secure Supply Chain and Secure Software Development Practices

Procurement Information

  • General Services Administration Schedules Program (GSA) Schedule 70
  • NASA's Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP)
  • CAGE: 4XKN9
  • DUNS: 362737251

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