Enabling the 5G Experience

Affordable and scalable visibility to deliver highest quality 5G network services.

Optimize the Costs of Monitoring and Securing 5G and CUPS Networks

The expectations for 5G couldn’t be higher in terms of new services, business opportunities, low latency, tons of bandwidth and secure networks. The required investment is huge.

Traffic visibility is crucial for 5G to succeed, however, given the ever-increasing growth in network traffic, the anticipated explosion of devices and the even more disaggregated architecture of 5G and CUPS networks.

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ offers an ideal combination of subscriber awareness, application awareness, data reduction, data transformation and traffic delivery capabilities. Benefits include:

  • Lower tool spend by doing more with the same or less
  • Higher-quality services, a more secure network and a better reputation
  • Reduced new network element evaluation times
  • Faster deployment of new services
  • Improved management oversight
  • Shorter times to troubleshoot and locate faults

Empowering Mobile Core Operations

Manage the Delivery of Traffic for Specific Subscribers to Each of Your Tools

Coherently filter, sample, forward-list and balance control- and user-plane traffic based on subscriber, equipment or network identification. Depending on your traffic or needs, select from the following Gigamon subscriber intelligence applications:

Reduce Unnecessary User Traffic Data Sent to Each of Your Tools

Selectively remove user traffic data from either packets or flows based on application identification. Depending on your data types or needs and tools used, select from the following Gigamon traffic truncation applications:

Control What Specific User Traffic Types are Delivered to Each of Your Tools

Selectively forward or drop user traffic based on application identification within the GTP tunnels or forward a metadata representation of the user traffic. Depending on your data types or needs and tools used, select from the following Gigamon Application Intelligence applications:

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