The New Frontier: East-West and Container Visibility in the Cloud

Date: December 08, 2022
Location: Virtual

As increasingly complex applications are deployed on hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, NetOps and CloudOps teams must adapt traditional monitoring and management approaches to ensure performance, efficiency and, above all, security.

Join Gigamon Field CTO, Jim Mandelbaum, and Martyn Crew from the Gigamon Product Marketing team as they discuss the challenges of gaining visibility into cloud infrastructures with a particular focus on East-West and Container traffic. What you’ll learn:

  • How and why managing East-West traffic is different in the cloud than on-premises
  • What are the unique challenges of gaining visibility into transient assets like containers?
  • How do you prevent tools sprawl when every cloud platform has its own tools?

Cyber Security Summit - Houston

Date: December 08, 2022
Location: Houston, TX

Join Gigamon at the Cyber Security Summit, where you will connect with Senior-Level Executive attendees. Visit our booth to discuss visibility, analytics, threat detection and response for your critical security, compliance and budget issues.


Modern IT architectures require a new approach to monitoring and observability

Date: December 14, 2022
Location: Virtual

Enterprises and telecom operators are shifting toward hybrid and multi-cloud to accelerate their digital transformation. But public cloud is more challenging than on-premises networking. Dealing with multiple cloud providers and relying on log-based tools alone makes it difficult to identify security threats, performance bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues. There are a lot of visibility gaps and blind spots when organizations move workloads and applications to the cloud without a well-thought-out, monitoring strategy. Hear from experts at AbbVie, Gigamon and Omdia about how these challenges are being addressed.


Deep Observability: Critical Solution to Cloud Migration, Security, Sustainability and Success

Date: December 21, 2022
Location: Virtual

Securing hybrid and multi-cloud workloads and supporting infrastructures is a daunting challenge for many organizations. Tried and trusted on-premises approaches and tools often don’t easily translate to the cloud and cloud-native monitoring and security tools are often platform specific making it difficult to gain observability across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. To overcome these challenges, realize the full potential of a cloud deployment, and drive digital transformation, deep observability is critical.

Join this session to learn what deep observability is, how it works and how your organization can benefit from it.


RSA Conference 2023

Date: April 24-27, 2023
Location: San Francisco, CA

We couldn’t be more excited about the RSAC 2023 theme: Stronger Together.
In the cybersecurity industry, no one goes it alone. Instead, we build on each other’s diverse knowledge to create the next breakthrough—exchanging ideas, sharing our success stories, and bravely examining our failures. With a world of evolving threats to stop and solve, only by working as a team and continually adding new perspectives will we be able to affect the kind of progress that can shape policy, establish new best practices, and ensure our defenses become more diverse, more resolute, and far more effective.

Connect with Gigamon at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and learn how deep observability strengthens your hybrid multi-cloud security. We are Stronger Together.


Cisco Live! 2023

Date: June 4-8, 2023
Location: Las Vegas, NV

The Cisco Live community is coming together again in Las Vegas June 4-8 — and Gigamon will be there! Join us to learn how deep observability strengthens your hybrid multi-cloud security. Save the date and register with Cisco Live 2023 to be notified when registration opens.