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A Better Way to Secure Hybrid Infrastructures

Do your network monitoring and security tools provide deep observability into all data-in-motion? It’s not easy with a hybrid infrastructure that is constantly changing. Installing tool agents to bring back data becomes a never-ending, often manual task. A better approach is to bring optimized data to your tools with Gigamon.

Eliminate East-West Network Blind Spots

Give your tools visibility to all data-in-motion, from datacenters, public clouds, and even containers.

Decrypt Any Traffic. And Meet Your Privacy Needs.

Decrypt encrypted traffic while staying compliant. See how tools can inspect exactly the traffic they need, with the right level of privacy.

Optimize Traffic to Tools

Eliminate irrelevant data that’s overloading monitoring and security tools. Reduce traffic by over 50 percent, without losing data fidelity.

Extend Life of Tools

Avoid new tools spend and extend the life of your current tools. Streamline traffic and make slow old tools work on today’s faster networks.

Filter Traffic by Application

Identify 3,500+ applications and filter application traffic to reduce load on tools. Fun fact: This is now Gigamon’s #1 selling option.

Extend Your Security Stack to Cloud Workloads

Need to buy time as you refactor your cloud monitoring and security? See how to reuse existing tools for cloud workloads.

Detect Crypto Mining in Your Cloud

Suspect unwanted activities running in your cloud? Leverage your observability/APM tools to find them, whether on managed or unmanaged hosts.

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