Application Filtering Intelligence

Layer 7 visibility and application traffic extraction for optimal tool efficiency

Application Identification and Traffic Forwarding

Gigamon Application Intelligence의 핵심 구성요소인 Gigamon Application Filtering Intelligence는 레이어 7 가시성을 수천 개의 범용 및 전용 애플리케이션으로 확장시켜 줍니다. 애플리케이션을 식별한 후, 단순한 트래픽 흐름 제어를 통해 애플리케이션별로, 또는 앱 "제품군"별로 필요한 도구에만 트래픽을 전달합니다. 불필요한 애플리케이션 트래픽이 전달되지 않기 때문에, 저장 및 처리 리소스를 절약합니다.  

  • 애플리케이션이 소비하는 네트워크 리소스와 함께 네트워크에 있는 애플리케이션에 대한 완전한 가시성 확보
  • 특정 경우에 최대 80%까지 도구 효율성 및 용량 증대
  • 도구 리소스를 확보하여 네트워크 보안을 개선함으로써 횡적 트래픽을 포함한 보다 규모가 큰 공격 표면 보호
  • 애플리케이션을 자동으로 식별 및 격리함으로써 네트워크 데이터의 수동 분석 시간 절감


Full Application Visibility and Control

Gigamon Application Filtering Intelligence는 세분화된 종단간 애플리케이션 가시성은 물론 적절한 도구로 특정 애플리케이션 트래픽을 전달하는 능력을 제공합니다.

애플리케이션 인식 및 플로우 매핑®으로, NetOpsSecOps 팀은 네트워크 및 보안 리소스를 최적화할 수 있습니다. 대표적 사용 사례:

  • CRM, Microsoft Office 및 BitTorrent 등의 고위험 애플리케이션 검색 엔진 트래픽을 침입 탐지 시스템(IDS)으로 전달합니다.
  • YouTube 및 Facetime과 같은 고용량 저위험 트래픽을 필터링합니다.
  • 모니터링 및 보안 프로그램을 방해하지 않도록 일상적 유지보수 및 패치(Windows 업데이트 등)를 오프로드합니다.
Increased Azure security and monitoring

Improved Efficiency of

Improves system performance by sending only applicable traffic to the right network and security tools at the right time.  

Enhanced network traffic intelligence

Higher Security

By freeing up security resources, you can secure more of your network without additional investments.

Improved operational agility

Reduced Workload
for IT

Set and change application filtering policies with a few clicks — no more tedious scripting and updating rules. 

“Improving observability is a critical challenge in network operations. Automating application identification and directing analysis traffic on that enhanced context is a powerful capability that Gigamon Application Intelligence brings to network management.”

Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst, 451 Research

GigaSMART Features

GigaSMART® offers several essential traffic intelligence services required for deep observability into infrastructure blind spots.

NetFlow Generation

Delivers basic Layer 2–4 network traffic data to analysis tools.

Source Port Labeling

Provides context to packets and identifies behaviors and threats based on network location.

Adaptive Packet Filtering

Identifies patterns across any part of the network packet, including the packet payload.


Targets, identifies, and eliminates duplicate packets, blocking unnecessary duplication and sending optimized flows.

Packet Slicing

Truncates packets while preserving the protocol headers required for network analysis.

Advanced Load Balancing

Divides and distributes traffic among multiple tools based on a variety of data points.

Advanced Flow Slicing

Reduces bandwidth usage by slicing payloads and packets from long data flows.


Provides customizable data protection by overwriting specific packet fields with a set pattern. 


Alleviates blindness of business-critical traffic at remote sites, virtualized data centers, or in the public or private cloud.

Application Visualization

Provides a complete view of the applications running on your network.

Application Filtering Intelligence

Extends Layer 7 visibility to thousands of common and proprietary applications.

Application Metadata Intelligence

Provides application visibility to identify performance and quality issues, and potential security risks.

GTP Correlation

Enables mobile service providers to monitor subscriber data in GPRS Tunneling Protocol tunnels.

FlowVUE Flow Sampling

Provides subscriber IP-based flow sampling.

5G Correlation

Forwards subscriber sessions to specific tools by filtering on subscriber, user device, RAN, or network slice IDs.

SSL/TLS Decryption

Creates a secure channel between the server and the end user's computer or other devices as they exchange information.


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