Intelligent network traffic visibility for VMware environments

Pervasive Visibility into Virtual Workloads

The move to virtualized and private cloud environments no longer means giving up network visibility. Now you can make opaque VMware virtual networks visible — both for traditional VMware ESXi infrastructure and micro-segmented and automated VMware NSX environments.

  • Acquire and forward VM network traffic to existing security and monitoring tools, regardless of location
  • Get visibility into east-west traffic flows moving between virtual machines (VMs)
  • Reduce security risks and track lateral propagation of threats in virtual environments
  • Get multi-tenant traffic visibility for OpenStack/KVM-powered clouds


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Eliminate Traffic Blind Spots

GigaVUE-VM -- a native VMware solution that acquires network traffic from all VMs in a VMware environment while supporting vMotion -- enables security and monitoring tools to have full visibility into the virtual environment.

That lets you acquire VM traffic flows of interest and forward selected traffic to the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform located in your physical data center.

For VMware ESX environments, the solution deploys a lightweight virtual machine without the need for special software, kernel modules or changes to the hypervisor.

  • Using vCenter APIs, GigaVUE-FM can then track vMotion events across distributed resource scheduler (DRS) and high-availability (HA) cluster environments. That lets you tie visibility policies to the monitored VMs and migrate them with the VMs as they move across physical hosts.
  • The GigaVUE-VM solution also supports multiple vSwitch integration options, including vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) and vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS).

For NSX environments, your SecOps teams can automate the acquisition and forwarding of east-west virtual traffic to security and monitoring tools. The NSX network virtualization platform and distributed service insertion framework lets you:

  • Automate the deployment of the GigaVUE-VM, while also enabling dynamic provisioning of visibility traffic policies within your software defined data center (SDDC)
  • Auto-update this service and traffic policies as new tenants come onboard or as existing tenants' security groups dynamically scale


GigaSECURE Cloud Overview

Acquire, optimize and distribute the right traffic to the right security and networking tools.



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Our Partnership

Gigamon is a certified partner that provides network traffic visibility for virtual workloads in VMware NSX-powered SDDCs.

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VMware NSX partner

Training: GigaVUE-VM Private Cloud Solutions

Learn how GigaVUE-VM can be used to access traffic in virtual and private cloud environments.

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“Not only are Gigamon’s products quite easy to configure and deploy, they provide us cost savings in multiple ways.”

Philippe Géhin • Network and Security Engineer • European Broadcasting Union

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