Simplify Network Upgrades

Deliver the right data to your tools no matter how your network evolves.

Maintain Visibility During Network Changes and Upgrades

Whether driven by organizational growth or new business application demands, network changes and upgrades are a necessary fact of IT life. How can you ensure the tools that support and secure your organization have visibility into the data they need in an ever-changing landscape, especially if some of your existing tools cannot keep up after you’ve upgraded to network speeds of 40Gb or 100Gb.

The Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline gives you reliable access to, and control of, traffic data across your entire network, allowing you to select and deliver all relevant traffic to your tools. This approach enables you to maintain your existing tool investments and optimize performance as your network evolves with your business needs.

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How Gigamon Simplifies Network Change

Maintain Your Existing Tool Investments

Gigamon products can adapt to changes to your underlying network, helping to ensure your network changes don’t force an unnecessary tool upgrade due to capacity limitations or cause tool overload from additional traffic.

By optimizing network traffic data from your physical, virtual and cloud environments before it’s delivered to your tools, Gigamon products can provide them with a single view into a continuously evolving network infrastructure, improving tool lifespan and performance.

Examples include:

  • Flow Mapping® — Collect line-rate traffic at 100M, 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb or 100Gb from physical and virtual connections and deliver an optimized feed to tools accommodating tools optimized for lower rates
  • De-duplication — Centralize de-duplication and provide multiple tools with the same feed to avoid overwhelming your tools
  • Packet slicing — Remove payload that may be irrelevant to network monitoring and security analysis, improving tool performance
  • SSL Decryption - Centralize SSL/TLS decryption to expose hidden threats without sacrificing tool performance

Simplify Change with the Right Data

Gigamon helps you manage network data access for your tools and teams in a way that is both more effective and less dependent on direct connectivity to the network infrastructure.

Network upgrades and changes often require a wide breadth and depth of traffic intelligence to be successful. Gigamon Hawk and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) eliminates the need to hunt down the owners of multiple tools in various environments, physical, virtual and cloud.

Instead, Gigamon empowers SecOps and NetOps teams to request access to the data they need to make strategic decisions and ensure tools have the intelligence they need from anywhere in the network.

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“We made the stipulation that if we’re upgrading the core, we have to upgrade our visibility”

Tom Webb • Deputy CISO and Director of Security Operation • University of South Carolina

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