Subscriber-Aware Visibility for Service Providers

Enable Subscriber Visibility, Slash Monitoring Costs, Migrate Smoothly to 5G/CUPS

See, Control and Secure Subscriber and Network Activity

Isn’t it time to finally tame the vast amounts of data overwhelming your ability to monitor subscriber activity? Now you can with Gigamon solutions built specially for service providers that let you:

  • Gain visibility into subscriber activity — at scale
  • Slash monitoring costs to help increase average profitability per user
  • Enable smooth migrations from 4G/LTE to 5G/CUPS

The results bring tangible benefits you can see immediately and for years to come:

  • Focus monitoring on high-value subscribers subject to churn while keeping overall costs down
  • Segment and target specific subscriber groups
  • Improved customer-experience monitoring
  • Reduce or eliminate tool oversubscription
  • Optimize the investment across all your infrastructure tools

Subscriber-Aware Visibility Solutions: Built Specifically for Service Providers

Gigamon GTP Correlation for Subscriber-Aware Forwarding to Appropriate Subsystems
Monitor subscriber data in GTP tunnels.

  • Deliver subscriber-specific GTP sessions to appropriate monitoring probes
  • Load balance GTP sessions across multiple monitoring probes

Gigamon FlowVUE® to Slash Monitoring Costs
Slash monitoring costs with our patented GigaSMART® feature.

  • Filter particular types of GTP control and user-plane sessions
  • White list subscribers whose traffic should be monitored
  • Reduce traffic flow to probes by selectively monitoring GTP sessions

GigaVUE-FM for Centralized Management and Orchestration

  • Get a single pane-of-glass view of all physical and virtual nodes
  • Use simplified workflows for traffic policy configuration and end-to-end topology visualization
  • Manage hundreds of visibility nodes across multiple locations

Focus on Monitoring High-Value Subscribers

Focus Where it Matters

  • White listing helps ensure complete visibility for monitoring high-value subscribers, plus all subscribers with active trouble tickets
  • Traffic scaling provides selective visibility for monitoring all other subscribers using the remaining available probe capacity
  • Improve customer experience for key subscribers to reduce churn and grow revenue

Optimize Investment in Monitoring Probes

  • Utilize existing probe capacity more effectively
  • Rationalize probe investment by directly correlating additional monitoring probes with improvements in customer experience
  • End the cycle of deploying more monitoring probes in lockstep with constantly increasing traffic load

Monitoring Cost Challenges

  • Performance-monitoring probes are expensive and, in the face of rising data traffic, monitoring all subscriber sessions is cost prohibitive
  • Yet it remains critical to monitor subscriber quality of experience (QoE) to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce churn — particularly for high-value tier subscribers and subscribers with service quality issues

Technical Challenges

  • Increasing traffic load per data center is rapidly overtaking existing probe capacity
  • Need to add probe capacity to keep up with data-traffic growth
  • Methods to scale traffic to match probe capacity involve filtering GTP user plane sessions, but the remaining control plane sessions are not correlated by subscriber

Business Challenges

  • It’s expensive to keep adding more probe capacity in lockstep with increasing traffic
  • It’s financially problematic to monitor all GTP control plane sessions for all subscribers
  • The alternative is to consider ways to scale the traffic load to match the existing probe capacity


Subscriber-Aware Intelligence

Deliver network intelligence faster. Build new business models.


Intelligent Traffic Management for Service Monetization

Overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing communications industry with intelligent traffic management.


De-Risking New Service Provider Deployments

Comprehensively monitor your new technologies during rollout.

“The company's solutions do an excellent job of load balancing the traffic on our network and help to ensure the data is properly correlated and formatted to maximize the processing capability of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) tools attached to our Gigamon Platform.”

Hideki Kurokawa • Deputy Manager • SoftBank Corp.


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