GigaVUE V Series

Acquire, optimize, and send traffic from public and private clouds to security and observability tools.

Deep Observability for Cloud and Multi-Cloud Workloads

Blind spots in private and multi-cloud environments make it harder to identify risks and resolve security and performance issues.

GigaVUE® V Series nodes, part of GigaVUE Cloud Suite, solves these visibility challenges. Deployed in any public or private cloud environment, they acquire, aggregate, filter, process, and distribute traffic to the security and observability tools of your choice. You get:

  • Full East-West and North-South visibility of cloud traffic, including containerized application traffic
  • Cost savings, sending only relevant traffic to monitoring and inspection tools
  • Tool and team efficiency through seamless compatibility with existing tools and familiar processes

Check out this three-part guide for cloud migrations.

Product Details

V Series observability nodes deployed in VPCs work to aggregate, process, and distribute selected traffic to tools. Extend V Series capabilities with GigaSMART® applications, such as De-duplication, Advanced Flow Slicing, Application Filtering Intelligence, and Application Metadata Intelligence.

Flexibly Acquire Cloud Traffic

Send traffic to GigaVUE V Series through native packet mirroring and gateway load balancers, or by using Gigamon G-vTAP and Universal Container TAP (UCT).

Centralized Processing and Optimization

GigaVUE V Series employs Flow Mapping®, load balancing, packet deduplication, Advanced Flow Slicing, NetFlow generation and traffic filtering by applications to further reduce irrelevant traffic to ease tool burden and sprawl.

Automated Scaling and Orchestration

Patented Automatic Target Selection lets you dynamically extract and deliver traffic as new workload instances spin up. Use Ansible, native tools, or GigaVUE-FM fabric manager to auto-scale visibility in ever-changing cloud environments.


GigaVUE V series


GigaVUE V Series

Learn more about how the GigaVUE V Series provides traffic intelligence in your public cloud environment.

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