Rapidly Evolving Hybrid Cloud Security Requirements are Driving the Need for Deep Observability

Gigamon takes 1H22 lead in high-growth market, enabling networking, security, and cloud IT operations teams to deliver defense in depth across modern hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure

Santa Clara, CA – September 27, 2022 – Gigamon, the leading deep observability company, is guiding the industry forward today, bringing application and network-level intelligence together for the first time to help network, security, and cloud IT operations teams eliminate security blind spots and deliver defense in depth across their highly distributed hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Leading market intelligence firm, the 650 Group, forecasts the deep observability market’s CAGR to grow over 60 percent to reach $2 billion by 2026. They predict Gigamon will take a commanding lead with 68 percent market share in the first half of 2022. Together with an expanding ecosystem of technology alliance partners, Gigamon harnesses actionable network-level intelligence that amplifies the power of cloud, security, and observability tools, ultimately empowering large organizations to achieve the transformational promise of the cloud.

A recent IDC global survey of 900 large organization IT executives and managers* revealed that 'strengthened cybersecurity posture and practices' is the number one benefit of deep observability intelligence and insights. And to overcome their concerns for security vulnerabilities, 79 percent of respondents indicate they have made good-to-excellent progress in leveraging network intelligence and performance metrics for security insights. When asked specifically where the alignment of NetOps and SecOps efforts and tools have improved security management, a strong majority of respondents cited the following: provide complete visibility into on-premises systems and cloud services, reduce false positives, improve speed and accuracy of triage, and validate remediation.

To further underscore the urgency for organizations to address security blind spots, a recent Vitreous World State of Ransomware for 2022 and Beyond survey revealed more than 95 percent of the more than one thousand global respondents, consisting of large organization IT and security executives, had experienced ransomware attacks in the past year. The research also revealed that 89 percent of global security leaders surveyed agree deep observability is an important element of cloud security with 50 percent of global CISOs/CIOs strongly agreeing with this statement.

“As a cloud-first dental support organization, we are continuously seeking new ways to fortify our security posture and equip our supported owner doctors with the latest, proven technology and highly skilled support staff, so they can focus on providing the perfect patient experience to patients with an extraordinary, differentiated care experience,” said Nemi George, vice president of IT and information security officer and IT service operations at Pacific Dental Services. “With the deep observability we gain from Gigamon, we can eliminate security blind spots at the network layer of our hybrid cloud infrastructure, deliver defense in depth, and confidently scale our operations.”

A New Frontier: Deep Observability

The Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline harnesses actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of cloud, security, and observability tools, enabling IT organizations to assure security and compliance governance, speed root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks and lower the operational overhead associated with managing today’s highly distributed hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Gigamon extends the value of these tools with real-time network intelligence derived from packets, flows and application metadata to deliver defense in depth and performance management. Gigamon has an extensive ecosystem of technology alliance partners that includes leading observability vendors Dynatrace, New Relic and Sumo Logic.

“We are proud to partner with Gigamon and integrate their network-level intelligence with the Dynatrace platform’s full-stack observability, application security, and AIOps capabilities to enable our joint customers to innovate faster and more securely,” said Bob Wambach, vice president of product marketing at Dynatrace. “Large organizations continue to embrace hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and cloud-native technologies as the foundation for their digital services and innovation. As a result, applications have become increasingly complex and distributed. The combination of Dynatrace and Gigamon gives customers unprecedented abilities to simplify cloud complexity. The actionable, network-level intelligence of the Gigamon deep observability pipeline provides additional network-security context to the precise answers and intelligent automation delivered by Dynatrace.”

“At Trace3 we help our customers design, move and re-architect workloads to the Cloud. One of the challenges we face is maintaining visibility into key applications regardless of cloud architecture pattern, in alignment with guidance from well-architected frameworks,” said Chris Nicholas, vice president cloud and cloud solutions group at Trace3. “Gigamon Hawk helps us deliver actionable network-level intelligence against many advanced security and observability use-cases. The built-in performance tools help us accelerate troubleshooting while lowering operational costs.”

“IT organizations are navigating an unprecedented increase in cyber threats across all vectors of their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, and the underlying complexity and disparity of tools used to manage these environments introduces blind spots that can expose their organizations to risk,” said Shane Buckley, president and CEO of Gigamon. “Gigamon is at the right place at the right time to capitalize on this high growth market and deliver more value to our customers by extending the value of tools they have already deployed and empowering them with actionable network-level intelligence for the hybrid cloud so they can run fast, stay secure, and accelerate innovation.”

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by Gigamon, Observability: Driving Performance, Protection, and Productivity, Forthcoming October 2022

About Gigamon

Gigamon® offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of observability tools. This powerful combination helps IT organizations to assure security and compliance governance, speed root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks, and lower operational overhead associated with managing hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructures. The result: modern enterprises realize the full transformational promise of the cloud. Gigamon serves more than 4,000 customers worldwide, including over 80 percent of Fortune 100 enterprises, 9 of the 10 largest mobile network providers, and hundreds of governments and educational organizations worldwide. To learn more, please visit gigamon.com.

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