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What is a Next-Generation Network Packet Broker?

A next-generation network packet broker provides the right traffic to your inline and out-of-band tools.  Whether a network setup is on-premises, virtual or in the cloud, a network packet broker provides the perfect visibility foundation to support:

  • Threat prevention.
  • High resiliency of inline network security tools.
  • Large numbers of out-of-band threat detection tools.
  • Accuracy of network monitoring tools.
  • Analysis of network performance.
  • Aggregation of high-speed network TAPs.

“Gigamon is a compelling option for any security-focused network monitoring project due to its ability to inspect network packets, including the encrypted traffic, along with its ability to promote more efficient use of existing security tools via its inline bypass architecture.”

Rik Turner • Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions • Ovum

Power Your Tools to Prevent Threats

Send the right traffic the right threat prevention tools. At the speed of the network.

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Bridge the gap between NetOps and SecOps with a next-gen network packet broker.


Keep up with increasing network traffic without increasing costs.

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Gigamon offers a next-generation network packet broker for security.