Filter matching packet content

The Adaptive Packet Filtering feature is a licensable addition to the GigaSMART® engine that can identify patterns across any part of the network packet, including the packet payload. Adaptive Packet Filtering can use this awareness to filter based on packet contents beyond Layer 2, 3, and 4 headers, including URLs, patterns in BitTorrent packets, basic application identification, and specific encapsulation protocols. Operators can define custom signatures through regular expressions to match their specific applications. The signatures can also identify sensitive data and obscure it before forwarding to tools.

Adaptive Packet Filtering can identify and forward packets based on multiple complex headers and encapsulations, including MPLS, VXLAN, MAC-in-MAC, IP-in-IP (IPv4 and/or IPv6) and others.

Benefits of the Adaptive Packet Filtering feature:

  • Identifies and filters packets which use dynamic IP addresses and non-standard ports.
  • Filters web-based applications that share the same L2-L4 header information. 
  • Removes bandwidth-hogging traffic such as streaming services which doesn’t require monitoring and storage.
  • Obscures sensitive data such as credit card and identification numbers wherever they may occur within the packet before sending the packet to monitoring and storage tools.

Adaptive Packet Filtering: one of many GigaSMART features

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