Deep Observability for 5G Core and Edge

See encrypted 5G core traffic. Gain subscriber data for AIOps. Reduce tool costs.

Scale Visibility to Enhance Network Reliability and Security

Get Gigamon Deep Observability for 5G to obtain better outcomes in:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • User experience
  • Policy compliance

The benefits are compelling:

  • Gain visibility into encrypted 5G core traffic
  • Dramatically lower tool capacity cost and complexity
  • Generate enhanced analytics with enriched metadata


How to Turn the Costs of Monitoring 5G to Your Advantage

Observability Pipeline for 5G Networks

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline delivers an extensive array of technology to access and process 5G data and traffic for mobile network operators.


5G deep observability begins with acquiring traffic from the 5G network. There are many platforms, deployments and strategies for 5G core and edge from which mobile network operators can choose, and Gigamon has solutions for nearly all of them, for physical, virtual/cloud, and encrypted SBI integrations.


Some tools, analytics engines, and data stores consume metadata records instead of packets. Many tools benefit from a centralized hardware-accelerated decryption engine. Gigamon offers Application Metadata and SSL/TLS decryption for these.


Tools or probes are limited in the throughput of traffic they can process. But few use cases require all data in every packet. Gigamon has subscriber sampling, subscriber forward-listing, Advanced Flow Slicing, Application Filtering, and packet de-duplication to help.


A single tool isn’t suited well for all needs, so the best networks use multiple tools for performance, security, analytics and more. Each tool needs to see different things and has different capacity limits. Gigamon offers Flow Mapping, Subscriber-aware Load Balancing, and advanced tunneling.


Each Gigamon feature can be combined with other features in creative ways to meet the needs of each tool and use case:

  • Want to only slice YouTube® and Netflix® traffic? Combine Application Filtering with Advanced Flow Slicing.
  • Want to get metadata on a sample of subscribers? Combine Application Metadata with Subscriber Sampling.

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