Application Metadata Intelligence

Supercharge tools with visibility into 5,000+ metadata attributes.

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Deep Application Visibility for Smarter Tools

Analytics tools are only as smart as the data they receive. Gigamon Application Metadata Intelligence empowers your security information and event management (SIEM) and network performance monitoring tools with critical metadata attributes across thousands of business, consumer and IT applications and services. It provides the deep application visibility needed to rapidly pinpoint performance bottlenecks, quality issues and potential network security risks.

A core component of Gigamon Application Intelligence, Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI) helps you effectively monitor and manage the complex digital applications at the heart of your digital transformation initiatives.

  • Generates more than 5,000 application-related metadata elements powered by deep packet inspection
  • Provides metadata depth for monitoring components within multi-tiered digital applications
  • Includes prebuilt connectors to leading security and analytics tools, including Splunk, IBM QRadar and FireEye
  • Dynamically detects new and modified metadata attributes and enables immediate downloads and library updates with no software version changes required
  • Extensions include:
    • Subscriber-aware Metadata for 3G/4G and 5G networks, and
    • Video Data Records for video traffic analysis

Bundle up and stay secure: get GigaSMART apps bundled just for security teams.

Improve Application Performance and Network Security

Application Metadata Intelligence provides deep visibility and context into applications — including usage, content and behavior — so you can get ahead of emerging security threats or customer-experience issues.

  • Monitoring user experiences: Get the details behind bottlenecks and outages. How did the application perform for the user? Was the video HD or was it low-resolution?
  • Troubleshooting a problematic app: How much data was retrieved from this MongoDB tier? How long did the response take?
  • Improving security posture: Did the user download an executable over Facebook Messenger? What is inside the file?
  • Supporting forensic analysis and reducing shadow IT: What files are being sent over YouSendIt? Who is using Ares for peer-to-peer sharing?

Application Metadata Intelligence can be easily shared with SIEM tools, internal IT systems and other analytics tools. We arm these tools with hard-to-find, specific application information to do their jobs far more effectively.


Application-Aware Metadata

Receive summarized and context-aware information about raw packets based on Layers 4-7.


Gaining Control of Complex DX Apps

Digital transformation — it’s all about managing the apps.


Keep Networks Responsive and Secure

Understand application behavior and improve the user experience with Application Metadata.

Gigamon Metadata
Empowered Partners

Empower Your Network and Security Analytics Tools

Gigamon Application Metadata Intelligence offers out-of-the box integration with a growing list of security and network analytics solutions.

Click on the videos below to see how some of our Gigamon Empowered technology partners are taking in rich application metadata to help reduce investigative cycle times when troubleshooting critical performance and security issues.

“Application Metadata provides rich application data that helps enable IT to ‘triangulate’ performance bottlenecks and potential security threats.”

Scott Crawford, Research Director, 451 Research

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GigaSMART Features

GigaSMART® offers a number of other essential traffic intelligence services required for active visibility into infrastructure blind spots, including:

NetFlow Generation

Delivering basic Layer 2–4 network traffic data to analysis tools. 

Advanced Flow Slicing

Eliminates these issues by slicing payloads and packets from long data flow.

Source Port Labeling

Provides context to packets and allows tools to properly assess network behavior and threats based on where they are.

Adaptive Packet Filtering

Identifies patterns across any part of the network packet, including the packet payload.

SSL/TLS Decryption

Creates a secure channel between the server and the end user's computer or other devices as they exchange information.

Packet Slicing

Truncates packets while preserving the portion of the packet (the protocol headers) required for network analysis.

Advanced Load Balancing

Divides and distributes traffic among multiple tools, so network and security visibility can scale.


Targets, identifies and eliminates duplicate packets, blocking unnecessary duplication and sending optimized flows.


Provides customizable data protection by overwriting specific packet fields with a set pattern. 


Alleviates blindness of business-critical traffic at remote sites, virtualized data centers, or hosted in a public cloud.

Application Visualization

Provides a complete view of the applications running on your network automatically.

Application Filtering Intelligence

Extends Layer 7 visibility to thousands of common and proprietary applications.

Application Metadata Intelligence

Empowers your security information and event management and network performance monitoring tools.

GTP Correlation

Enables mobile service providers to monitor subscriber data in GPRS Tunneling Protocol tunnels.

5G Correlation

Intelligently forward subscriber sessions to specific tools by filtering on subscriber, user device, RAN or network slice IDs.

FlowVUE Flow Sampling

Provides subscriber IP-based flow sampling.

SIP/RTP Correlation

Enables enterprises and service providers to monitor VoIP traffic.

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