Flow Mapping

Granular filtering and forwarding

An intelligent, scalable technology offered as part of GigaVUE OS, Flow Mapping® takes line-rate traffic at 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb or 100Gb from a network tap or a SPAN/mirror port (physical or virtual) and sends it through a set of user-defined map rules to the tools and applications that secure, monitor, and analyze IT infrastructure. Flow Mapping provides granularity and scalability above and beyond the capabilities of connection- and ACL filter-based technologies by addressing the problems inherent when going beyond small numbers of connections or when more than one traffic distribution rule is required.

Granular filtering and forwarding

The numerous benefits of Flow Mapping technology

  • Granular control over distinct traffic streams with parallel actions
  • Optimized tool performance
  • Visibility into all traffic
  • Replicated and/or distributed traffic across multiple tools
  • Visibility as a service across silos within the IT organization
  • Scalability to hundreds of network and tool ports
  • Manipulation of packets with GigaSMART

Flow Mapping: just one of GigaVUE-OS fabric services

GigaVUE OS offers other essential fabric services required for active visibility into infrastructure blind spots, including:

  • Clustering: Enables multiple heterogeneous devices to be combined and managed as one logical node. Allows utilization of capabilities of other nodes within the cluster.
  • GigaStream® : Innovative technology that intelligently distributes network traffic to multiple monitoring tools for maximum security and performance monitoring
  • Inline Bypass: for security application resiliency
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Intelligent Flow Mapping



Flow Mapping Explained

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Inline Bypass

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