Economical, high-density optical network TAP system

G-TAP® G Series is a high density and economical tapping system developed for optical networks running different media types. The external G-TAP G Series system complements the Gigamon award-winning GigaVUE Visibility Appliances, combining high network TAP density, optimal use of rack space and economical pricing to create a flexible, one-stop connectivity solution.

G-TAP G Series

The Business Benefits of Gigamon

Learn about the benefits of improved visibility and network security in this Gigamon-commissioned study from Forrester.

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G-TAP G Series

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G-TAP G Series

Case Study

University of Glasgow Scales IDS to 30,000.

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Embedded Bypass TAPs: Multi-Purpose Visibility.

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Eliminate network blind spots and optimize your security tool performance and scalability.

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