Extending Visibility to Cisco BiDi Links

Cisco BiDi technology makes 40Gb/100Gb connectivity more cost effective by using bidirectional optics over traditional multimode fiber links used for 1Gb and 10Gb. These BiDi links require special taps. Gigamon BiDi TAPs export monitored traffic gathered from across all four transmit signals, providing complete, cost-effective coverage for network and security tools.

G-TAP BiDi Use Cases

  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) deployments leveraging BiDi connections
  • High-speed edge leaf/spine deployments
  • New 40Gb/100Gb build-outs using Cisco Nexus equipment
  • Cost-efficient upgrades or migrations from 10Gb to 40Gb
  • TAP-all infrastructures looking to monitor all traffic in all locations

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The G-TAP BiDi solution includes a purpose-built passive BiDi TAP combined with a pair of receive-only (RX-only) BiDi transceivers to protect the network, helping to ensure monitored traffic can never be introduced back into the production network.

Monitored BiDi traffic is channeled directly into the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to be combined with other traffic sourced from across the network. Gigamon patented Flow Mapping® technology takes line-rate traffic from a network TAP and sends it through a set of user-defined map rules before forwarding it to network and security tools. GigaSMART applications offer advanced traffic intelligence options from de-duplication to NetFlow generation to Application Intelligence.

The G-TAP M Series BiDi module taps four BiDi links — that’s up to 24 BiDi links in a one RU chassis. The Rx-only BiDi QSFP+ is compatible with all 40Gb ports on the GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances.

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