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Public Clouds Are Empowering Cloud Transformation

As more organizations move their workloads onto public cloud platforms, many are discovering that with new opportunities come new challenges. How do you monitor and secure vital network traffic and data when it’s in a public cloud infrastructure rather than a private cloud infrastructure?

Gigamon puts your NetOps and InfoSec team back in control. GigaVUE Cloud Suite solutions eliminate blind spots — even within containers and across multi-cloud deployments. By acquiring, transforming and distributing optimized public cloud traffic to the right tools, you get:

  • Lower public cloud provider costs and increased tool efficiency through reduced traffic load
  • Easier deployments with automated scaling and support for AWS and Azure native traffic mirroring for your public cloud
  • Unified management of multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments with Gigamon Fabric Manager

Visibility Solutions for Any Public Cloud

Learn more about our certified visibility cloud suite for AWS and Microsoft Azure as well our support for any public cloud platform.

Any Cloud

Gigamon also supports other public cloud computing platforms, including Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM and more. Our Cloud Suite for any cloud enables deployment of our virtual TAPs (G-vTAP module) and virtual visibility nodes (GigaVUE V Series) throughout the cloud on each workload you want to monitor. You can manage the process with robust third-party automation tools like Ansible, Chef or Puppet.

GigaVUE Fabric Manager automatically discovers workload locations and provisions the G-vTAPs regardless of where they reside and alerts the automation tools to scale V Series nodes as needed.

Cloud Security: It's On You

Public cloud infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivers compelling benefits like scalability, availability and elasticity. However, when it comes to cloud security, IaaS providers follow a "shared responsibility model," where the cloud provider is only responsible for the security of the public cloud infrastructure and related applications, while the customer is responsible for securing everything else.

In regard to your public cloud infrastructure, this means most of the burden falls on your network and security architects to develop and implement an effective cloud security architecture.

With Gigamon, you can easily extend your security and compliance posture to your public cloud deployments, using your existing tools and policies. So you can track and monitor shadow IT and DevOps projects, and maintain consistent compliance across all your environments.


GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes

Enables traffic flows of interest from Docker-based containers managed by Kubernetes to be delivered to appropriate tools.



NetFlow/IPFIX Generation from AWS Clouds

Learn how NetFlow lets you access and analyze cloud data to protect from threats like inbound attacks and data exfiltration.



Managing Public Cloud Journeys

Your cloud journey is unique but not unknown. This guide uses known patterns to help you avoid known pitfalls.

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