The Network Pillar: Leveraging Network Traffic Visibility to Accelerate Zero Trust

As the volume of network traffic continues to escalate, securing today’s complex infrastructures has become more difficult. Traditional approaches of throwing more cybersecurity instrumentation at the problem are costly, hard to manage, and prone to human error. 

To secure and optimize critical traffic, you need pervasive visibility into data in motion as it traverses physical and virtual environments, as well as the cloud.

In this half-hour video, Dennis Reilly, Vice President, Public Sector at Gigamon explains how the Gigamon Visibility & Analytics Fabric helps your network and the tools that monitor it operate at peak performance—and establish the basis of a Zero Trust architecture. Highlights include:

  • Challenges of traditional cybersecurity approaches
  • Core principals of Zero Trust
  • The importance of data about network traffic, assets, and infrastructure
  • Why analysis of data about network traffic mitigates risk from incomplete end point coverage and detects lateral threat movements