Navigating the Cloud Journey

Episode 7: Ransomware in Healthcare

January 31, 2022   |   Michael Valladao   |    Episode 7

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Ransomware is perhaps the scariest word in healthcare IT. The bad guys always seem two steps ahead as they easily evade traditional security controls. But there are effective steps you can take. Join industry expert Ben Stock from Ordr as he shows how both large and small healthcare organizations can prepare for, and defend against, ransomware attacks.


1:14   What is ransomware?

1:59  Ransomware affects many different industries

4:11  Why is ransomware so popular in healthcare?

5:15  Ransomware and the Cloud

6:17  Everyone needs to worry about ransomware

6:49  How a ransomware attack works

8:03  Protecting Healthcare devices from ransomware

12:03  "Profiling devices to tell you what's "ordinary"

18:05  What to do if you're a ransomware victim?

21:18  Some ransomware statistics

22:34  Ransomware Insurance. It's not just a blanket policy.

24:07  Ransomware impacts the IoT and IoMT

26:22  PHI Data is an attractive ransomware target