Enhance Your Advanced Persistent Threats Solution

FireEye and Gigamon team up to take out Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). 

Make APT Less Persistent.

An APT network attack allows the attacker to steal sensitive data. Strike new battle lines to reinforce APT defense and mitigation. The FireEye Network Security Platform NX lets you rapidly identify security risks and advanced threats, automate mitigation actions to prevent malware propagation and reduce mean time to resolution of security and compliance issues.  

Combined with the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform you not only increase the resilience and efficiency of your deployment through our inline bypass technology but you also:

  • Separate network speed from tool capacity and speed meaning network upgrades don’t drive unnecessary tool spend.
  • Reduce the need for network outages if moving the NX out of line or taking it down for planned/unplanned maintenance.
  • Increase efficiency and resiliency through load balancing traffic for inspection to across multiple NX devices.

Power Your Tools to Prevent Threats

Route the right traffic to ATP tools. At the speed of the network.

Joint Solution Brief

Learn how Gigamon and FireEye pack a one-two punch against APT invasion.  

Deployment Guide

Meet your inline security needs and ensure scalability to future-proof your investment.

White Paper

Build an efficient network security architecture that copes with increasing network speeds.