Data De-duplication

Increase network performance by removing duplicate packets.

Data De-Duplication: Stop Overloading Your Tools with Duplicate Packets

Are duplicate packets weighing down your systems? With Gigamon, the problems associated with packet duplication are a thing of the past. Consider GigaSMART® De-duplication - sometimes also called dedup, intelligent compression or single-instance storage - can revolutionize the way your business handles stored data.

What is De-duplication?

Even the most advanced networks have only a finite amount of data storage. And that means if you want your system to run efficiently, you need to make sure that limited storage space isn’t being wasted on maintaining multiple copies of identical data — such as those created during a system backup. Data de-duplication is a process by which unnecessary duplicate data copies can be effectively eliminated from your system. Here’s how:

  • Improve network speeds by eliminating redundant copies and duplicate packet storage
  • Centralize data de-duplication and provide multiple tools with the same feed
  • Gain better performance analytics and reduce false positive results
  • Get faster, more accurate forensics and malware detection

Unburden your network from the weight of duplicate packets so it can run at hyper speed - packet de-duplication makes it all possible. Take advantage of our new bundled GigaSMART apps to optimize network visibility!

Don’t Let Duplicate Packets Drain Your Resources

Duplicate copies of packets can result in:

  • Distorted results when analyzing your app or network performance
  • False positives from your analysis tools for problems that don't exist
  • Inaccurate flow data in NetFlow/IPFIX reports

Prevent packet duplication before it becomes a bigger issue for your network and security tools.

Selected Layer 3 and Layer 4 fields are configurable for duplicate detection, with detection intervals between 10-50,000 μs. Normal packet forwarding changes, such as the source and destination MAC addresses are ignored, ensuring the fidelity of transmitted packets.



Learn how you can unburden your tools from duplicate packets with De-duplication.



Extend the intelligence and value of your GigaVUE® appliances with applications that improve tool performance.


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Training: GigaSMART Packet De-duplication

Get the most out of your visibility and security investments with free online learning. Data De-duplication allows you to unburden your network from the weight of duplicate packets so it can run at hyper speed. To learn more, check out our GigaSMART packet De-duplication training video.

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