GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes

Intelligent network traffic visibility for container-based workloads

Pervasive Container Visibility

It’s easy to understand why so many organizations are embracing containerized workloads. They offer ease of portability, higher densities per server, lightweight design with less memory demands, plus accelerated app modifications, bug fixing and deployment.

However, with every application involving potentially hundreds of widely dispersed microservices, you need visibility into this burgeoning environment.

Now you can make hidden Docker-based container pods managed by Kubernetes visible:

  • Acquire all container pod traffic and aggregate via a visibility tier 
  • Obtain insights into East-West traffic flows moving between pods
  • Deploy a containerized TAP with automation and simplified management
  • Optimize and forward traffic to security and network monitoring tools
  • Identify 3,200 apps, filter and send to the proper tool with contextual insights

Eliminate Container Blind Spots

GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for Kubernetes — a containerized tapping solution for container-based applications that acquires network traffic from all pods in a Docker-based deployment managed by Kubernetes with either Flannel or Calico network overlays — enables security and network monitoring tools to have full visibility into container environments.

You’ll get all this and more:

  • Acquire all container-pod traffic flows of interest via agentless G-vTAP Containers and, optionally, provide container/port filtering
  • GigaSMART® intelligence, including slicing, masking and, for GigaVUE HC nodes, Application Intelligence
  • G-vTAP Containers, which are automatically deployed within each worker node, send traffic to GigaVUE V Series or GigaVUE HC nodes
  • Integration with Kubernetes Cluster Manager with support for Flannel and Calico
  • GigaVUE-FM provisions and configures G-vTAP Containers and sets up mirrored traffic

For Docker containers with Kubernetes, the Kubernetes Controller works with GigaVUE-FM fabric manager via APIs to deploy a lightweight, agentless Docker container (G-vTAP Container) without the need for special software, kernel modules or application redesigns.

These pods reside on monitored servers and selectively mirror traffic based on containerized workloads, leveraging either Flannel or Calico as the network overlay within the worker nodes. They partially process traffic and send to a central aggregation GigaVUE V Series (or GigaVUE HC Series appliance) and subsequently to security and monitoring tools.

Aggregation GigaVUE V Series are provisioned on VMs, leveraging Open vSwitch to communicate within the same server, and apply GigaSMART processing. These virtualized visibility nodes use Gigamon Flow Mapping® technology to direct traffic to the various user-designated tools. Gigamon-FM:

  • Communicates with the Kubernetes Controller to obtain inventory, security groups and events
  • Instructs Kubernetes Controller to instantiate G-vTAP Container instances for traffic acquisition and monitors and control operations
  • Detects changes in container location or scale and automatically provisions G-vTAP Containers and adjusts the visibility tier
  • Auto-discovers and visualizes end-to-end network topology, including container workloads, by using a drag-and-drop user interface
  • Integrates with third-party tools to dynamically process traffic or to orchestrate new policies

With GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes, you gain the deep visibility you need to achieve superior security and enhanced performance, while empowering your management team with integrated, certified tool suites. The solution lets you:

  • Obtain visibility into Docker container traffic and scales to support any number of containers and pods
  • Reduce security risks and track lateral propagation of threats in container environments
  • Automatically discover new workloads and modify the visibility tier
  • Ensure interoperability with Kubernetes native environments
  • Support public and private clouds


GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes

Intelligent network traffic visibility for container workloads increases security and network performance.


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