When Its New 100Gb Network Didn’t Support NetFlow, Clemson Took Action

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“Now, we feel more comfortable that we’re not missing traffic and are better able to highlight and inspect traffic of interest to reduce false positives and optimize inline security tool performance.”

John Hoyt • Security Information and Operations Director • Clemson University


  • 100Gb network upgrade didn’t support NetFlow for analyzing traffic and uncovering security risks
  • Needed to know what’s traversing the far-flung network
  • Requires broad and deep infrastructure visibility to troubleshoot incidents and track down problem users and systems



  • ·Restored NetFlow generation to help analyze traffic, gain usage pattern insights and uncover security risks
  • Increased NetFlow from 30,000 flows/second to 70,000 flows/second
  • Reduced false positives by more than 60 percent, helping to identify threats faster
  • Increased visibility by more than 75 percent for broader inspection of network traffic

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