How to Address Evolving Network Threats 

Rethinking Network Security Deployment

Optimize network security with a Security Delivery Platform

Download this white paper to learn how a structured platform-based approach to network security delivers traffic visibility and intelligence for a multitude of security appliances in a scalable, pervasive and cost-effective manner.

This paper will: 

  • Detail critical industry trends affecting network security today. 
  • Dissect the stages of advanced persistent threats and what you must do to address them.
  • Show how to analyze network traffic for threats, anomalies and lateral movement of malware.
  • Take out the guesswork on where to place security solutions.
  • Illustrate how a security delivery platform gives you traffic visibility from physical and virtual environments, and provides traffic intelligence.

Download “Addressing the Threat Within: Rethinking Network Security Deployment” to see how a security delivery platform can strengthen your security posture and simplify IT while reducing costs.

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